TOYGER CEO Storage - aluminium attache case for 5,000+ cards 

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New colors available! (Gold & Black)



From Japan -- TOYGER's CEO Storage is the best solution for organizing and storing cards.

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1. Super Capacious.

CEO Storage can hold more than 5,000 cards inside. Open this case and access all the decks you need. 

2.  Super Stylish.


Carry around your cards in a stylish aluminium attache case.

3. Super Durable.

CEO Storage is super sturdy and protects your cards at all costs. Max compatible card size is 77mm x 105mm so sleeved cards can easily fit inside too. Protect your precious cards!

It is also moisture-proof to some degree.

4. Fits Everywhere.

With the lid closed, our CEO Storage can stand vertically, too. Or, you can lay it horizontally, as you wish. It saves your space. Move a great amount of cards at once.

Example of storage:

5. Divide and Conquer.

Card dividers are essential for card storages, and CEO Storage's dividers are movable. There are slits on each lanes so you can fix the dividers wherever you want, organizing your cards efficiently.

15 dividers are already included in the package , but you can buy additional dividers from here - TOYGER CEO DIVIDERS (additional)

6. Smart Dividers.

CEO Storage's dividers has the dent in the middle so that it's easier for you to insert a finger and pick out a card when the storage is full. (Patent Pending)

7. Put Labels On It.

Our card dividers are taller than cards themselves, so that you can put the adhesive labels (included in the package) on the space above. It makes it a lot easier for you to find a card! 

Labels come in 10 different colors and they are easily removable.

5 labels per each color (in total 50 labels) are included in the package, however, if you want additional labels you can buy them from here. - TOYGER CEO LABEL (additional)

8. Original Cabinet Available.

If you're getting more than one CEO Storages, we recommend you to get a CEO Cabinet too -  a cabinet that can contain 5 attache cases! (and the 6th on its top, if you want)

You can draw a case and open it with one hand.

* CEO Cabinet is not included. You can buy it from here - LINK

9. Easy to Carry Around.

Attache case is meant to be carry around. Also, if it's too heavy for you, we have an attachable belt.

* The attachable belt is not included. You can buy it from here - LINK

Example of Use



External dimensions: 430mm x 309mm x 126mm (excluding the lock and handle)
Internal dimensions (one row of card compartments): approx. 77mm x 105mm x 290mm

Weight: approx. 2.8kg

Material : Aluminum, plastic, wood (partly used inside), etc.

Card storage capacity: approx. 5100 cards
Without the sleeve and with all dividers removed. Depending on the thickness of the card, it may vary slightly.