TOYGER CEO Cabinet - special cabinet for "CEO Storage" attache cases

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TOYGER CEO Cabinet is a cabinet dedicated for TOYGER CEO Storage.

It can hold up to 5 CEO Storage units and you can access all the cards simply by pulling them out.

(If you put one on top too, you can store up to 6 units.)


Size: 51cm (width) x 51cm (depth) x 81cm (height)

Weight: approx. 23.7kg

Material : Metal

Load Capacity : 15kg (per drawer)

Need assembling, Plus driver required


For your convenience, CEO Cabinet is designed with drawers that be pulled out further than normal cabinets, so that CEO Storage can be pulled out completely.
Therefore, please do not put things in one drawer only, as it may cause the cabinet to lose balance and fall over when the drawer is pulled out.
We recommend that you put more than three CEO Storage drawers or put some items on top of the CEO Cabinet.

CEO Storage (attache case) is not included. You can buy it from here.