About Us

"Play convenient, play smart."


We are TOYGER, the best TCG supply brand from Tokyo, Japan.

To make your TCG life a whole lot better, we continue to produce useful, innovative products with good design. 


Play smart.

TOYGER products makes your TCG life more convenient with innovative goods. If you are experiencing any inconvenience, we will remove it for you. 


Good design.

Design is always important, especially for TCG gadgets!


Any ideas?

If you are facing an inconvenience when you're playing TCG... if you are looking for better products... if you are harbouring a new TCG supply idea which you'd like to see realised... Please do let us know! We're always open to your ideas. 



Company Info


 Company Name TOYGER Co. Ltd.
 Office Address 304 Altus Shinjuku Minami, 2-33-7, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
 Email info@toyger.jp