TOYGER Compact Playmat for TCG - only 9 inches long - easy to carry around - 6 types - storage bag included

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Smaller = easier to carry around.

Playmats are a "must item" for all TCG players, but sometimes they are too bulky to carry around; some of them are over 11 inches long.

Our Compact Playmat is smaller and easy to carry around. It's about 9 inches (=232mm) long when rolled up, and can be easily stored in your bag.

It is also designed to be "large enough" to play most types of card games on.

The usual playmats sometimes are excessively large if you have only a limited space to play. Our Compact Playmet, on the other hand, always fit on the table.


Premium quality.

We've visited many manufacture factories and chosen only the products of the highest quality.

The front surface is made of polyester with a slight sheen on it, and the back side is made of non-slip rubber.
Both sides are made to the top quality and free of defects such as frays.


Original storage bag Included.

The package includes a high-quality storage bag, designed just for our Compact Playmat to perfectly fit in.

You don't need to use bulky playmat bags and ruin your experience.

Its surface is made of the top quality material and is pleasurable to touch.


Carry it around everywhere. Smartly.

Compact Playmat is as compact as our original deck box DeckSlimmer, so it's perfect to be carried around together in your bags.

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It perfectly fits in our CEO Storage, too!



Product Info

Size: 232mm long x 400mm wide x 3mm thick

Material : Rubber, Polyester

Storage bag material : synthetic leather, polyurethane

Storage bag size : Width 77mm x length 267mm

Color variation : Blue and black

Design : TYPE 1 (Simple), TYPE 2 (Pokémon TCG compatible), TYPE 3 (Rush Duel compatible)


Blue x TYPE 1 (Simple)

Black x TYPE 1 (Simple)

Blue x TYPE 2 (Pokémon TCG compatible)

Black x TYPE 2 (Pokémon TCG compatible)

Blue x TYPE 3 (Rush Duel compatible)

Black x TYPE 3 (Rush Duel compatible)


Example of use




Isn't it too small to play TCG on?


Possibly, yes, depending on which kind of TCG you play. It can feel quite claustrophobic, for example, if you have to place three rows of cards, since it doesn't have enough length for that.

It's easier to play with larger playmats, for sure. Our Compat Playmat is designed to be carried around smartly and that's our biggest concern.