TOYGER DeckSlimmer Deck Box

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New version "SHIKI" (Four Seasons) Spring Type 3: Sakura is available.

Delicate pale pink which is more similar to real cherry blossom color.



TOYGER – DeckSlimmer: your intelligent, innovative & slim deck box!

A new and unique way to carry around your favorite decks. The entire deck box is foldable and fits better in your backpacks!

TOYGER, a TCG supply brand from Japan, developed this deck box to be loved universally and by everyone.



Are you satisfied with your deck box?

  • Not capacious.
  • Capacious, but too bulky in my bag.
  • Extremely difficult to pick cards when the case is full.
  • Awful design.
  • Awful materials.
  • Carrying other small items in another container.


DeckSlimmer is the solution to all those problems.

What’s DeckSlimmer?

1. Foldable design.

Magnet closure frees you from stress, too,

2. Slim yet capable
DeckSlimmer is slim, yet very capable.

270 cards (without sleeves) can fit inside approximately.

(Single-sleeved cards: up to 140. Double-sleeved cards: 120. Triple-sleeved cards: 100.)

*The number of cards may vary depending on the card/sleeve thickness. It can contain a pile of approximately up to 7.8cm height in total.

You won’t need to leave a part of your deck at home anymore.

7.8cm (containable cards pile height)

Max card size: 95mm x 75mm 

Compatible with almost any type of card and sleeve!

3. Drawing your card can be easy.

If you are a TCG player, you surely can relate to this.

Drawing a card from your deck is always troublesome.

When a (normal) deck case is completely full, it’s hard to pick out a card from it, right?You can't even see which card you’re about to draw.

DeckSlimmer, meanwhile, has a lot of extra space when opened.

This makes it much easier for you to draw a card, or to check it!

4. Premium materials.

Deck cases are to be seen with you everywhere. That makes it sort of a fashion item. When you grow up, you stop using velcro wallets. Stop using flimsy plastic deck cases, either. DeckSlimmer isn't a cheap stuff to produce, but we wanted it as refined as possible in every detail.

5. Carry your gadgets too.

Normal deck cases usually don’t have spaces to carry small stuff in, for example dice and tokens, but we TCG players need to bring along lots of those.

DeckSlimmer, with its unique structure, has extra spaces on both ends where you can put them in. No space is wasted!

There are two extractable internal trays inside, so that you won’t need to put the case up-side-down to take out the stuff.



Product spec (detailed):

Dimension: width 20.3cm, height 10.2cm, depth 5.4cm (approx, according to the bottom part)

Weight: 200-250 g approx. (It may vary depending on the color, as some use different outer material.)

Containable card/sleeve max size: 9.5cm x 7.4cm

The length of internal case (card pile max): 7.8cm (Containable card number does not vary by the card size.)

Containable card number:

270 cards approx. (without sleeve)
140 cards approx. (single sleeve)
120 cards approx. (double sleeve)
100 cards approx. (triple sleeve)

(The figures are from our test. It may vary by the thickness of cards and sleeves.)

Compatible TCG:Almost all types of TCG in the market. (Magic:The Gathering, Yu-gi-oh!, Pokemon TCG etc.) Suitable for Commander decks!

Materials: synthetic leather (both inside and outside)(The outer material may differ depending on the color variation. E.g. fabric.)

Side tray size:

Short side length: 3 cm approx. ,Longer side length: 4.2 cm approx. ,Hypotenuse length: 5.1 cm approx.

One tray can hold 12 of 13mm dice. Or, 5 of 16 mm dice.



Color Variation







Light Blue

Light Green