TOYGER FreeDAM (Card strage with movable dividers)

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 Have you ever had these problems when carrying and organizing your cards?

- It takes a long time to take a deck out of the bag because you have to put each deck in its own deck case.

- When you take out the deck from the card storage, the rest of the cards fall over.

- I don't like the cards falling over, so I end up carrying the deck case inside the larger storage, which is inefficient.

- The cards fall over, so you have to make sure to fill up the empty space.

FreeDAM is a product that solves such frustrations of card gamers.

What is FreeDAM? 

FreeDAM is a card storage with freely movable dividers.

With the freely adjustable dividers, the storage can hold freely and perfectly single sleeves, double sleeves, cards for adjustment, small cases, and other cards of different numbers and thicknesses.

There is no need for the inefficient and wasteful actions of conventional card storage systems, such as "cards falling over and lying on their sides," "carrying a deck case inside the card storage," or "cards falling over so having to keep the card storage full". No need to do thise anymore.


Adoption of ultra-thin partitions

In order to accommodate as many cards as possible, the dividers are made of metal.
They are as thin and strong as possible.

Number of attached dividers

We have received feedback from customers that they do not need that many dividers, so we have reduced the number of dividers to one and made it possible to add more dividers as a separate option.

The recommended number of dividers is about 7, but it depends on the person and purpose of use.

Click below to purchase additional dividers.

FreeDAM Separator (card dividers specially designed for FreeDAM storage) 3pcs

RollTray for all your small items!

For card games that require small items, "RollTray," a case for small items that can be stored perfectly in FreeDAM, will be released at the same time.

Just turn the lid and set it up!
The lid won't get in the way because it's not bulky!

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RollTray - Small items compartment for card storages

Detailed specifications of FreeDAM

Outer dimensions: Height 11.5cm*Length 31cm*Width 9.3cm
Internal dimensions: Height 10.6cm*Length 30.2cm*Width 7.5cm

Number of slots for dividers: 23

Number of sheets that can be stored :
Approx. 700 sheets (without sleeves)
Approx. 500 sheets (single-sleeved)
Approx. 350 sheets (double sleeve)

Figures based on our testing. Please check the dimensions as they vary depending on the thickness of the cards and sleeves.

Supported sizes

The inner width is 7.5 cm, which can accommodate triple and quadruple sleeves without any problem.

Loaders with width of 70mm~74mm can also be accommodated.

Material : Outer: Synthetic leather
Inside of the lid : Suede
Deck compartment : Plastic
Partition : Metal

Weight: 500g

Please note that a magnet is used inside to close the lid, but inserting a magnetic cash cards etc. may cause a magnetic malfunction.

Color variation



The first production run of each color will be shipped in October.

Please note that the delivery date is a rough estimate and may be delayed due to circumstances.

Q&A (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Will the lid ever open in my bag?

A. The deck case is designed to hold a large number of cards, so it has strong magnets, so it will not open by accident or by the weight of the cards while in a bag. It will not open due to the weight of the cards.

Q. Is it water-resistant?

A. The synthetic leather outside repels water, so it is unlikely that the card inside will get wet unless there is a lot of water, but the material itself is not water-resistant, and there are gaps, so please avoid water as much as possible.

Q. Will the dye transfer to my clothes?

A. No, it will not.

Q. Will cards get caught in the slits for the dividers?

A. The slits do not go all the way to the bottom, but are to the middle of the case, so cards will not be damaged if they get caught in the slits. 

Q.Are the dividers compatible with CEO Storage?

A.The separators are not compatible with those of CEO Storage, as they are designed for FreeDAM only.