TOYGER RollTray (Small items compartment for card storages).

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Turn it around and ready in 5 seconds

RollTray is the most comfortable accessory case ever!

Rotate the lid and set it on the bottom!

Compactly stores small items needed to prepare for a match, and can be ready in an instant.

The lid, which was inconvenient in conventional accessory cases, can be placed on the bottom, allowing you to manage small items in a minimum amount of space!

It can be stored perfectly in "FreeDAM", card storage with freely movable dividers.

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FreeDAM - Card storage with freely movable dividers

RollTray was developed based on the size of standard-size cards to make it easy to use for any card player, so it can be stored in any deck case on the market!

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Product Size

Internal dimensions

Height 2.4cm x Length 7.7cm x Width 6.3cm

Outer dimensions
Height 3.2 cm x Length 9.5 cm x Width 7 cm

Color variation