UV CUT SLEEVE (Inner Sleeves, TCG Card Sleeves, blocks 90% UV off)

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Protect your cards from sunlight. Blocks 90% UV off. (*)

(*)The values are measured by manufacturer and are not guaranteed.

- Suitable as standard size* (63x88 mm) inner sleeves. Inner sleeves are sleeves that are placed inside regular card sleeves and serve to protect the cards.

- Each bag contains 100 sleeves.

- Examples of standard size card games: Pokemon Card Game, Duel Masters, Magic: The Gathering, Weiss Schwarz, etc.

- It has a high degree of transparency while being specially laminated to cut ultraviolet rays. This prevents scratches and sunburn during play and storage, while still allowing the card illustrations to be seen and enjoyed.

- Ultraviolet rays are contained not only in sunlight but also in fluorescent light. Even when played and stored indoors, they can unintentionally become sunburned.

- The UV-cut sleeve blocks 90% of UV-b, the ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn, allowing you to keep your valuable cards in the same condition as you found them.