Ultra Slim Outer Sleeve [ultra-thin 0.05mm and super-transparent] 80pcs

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Ultra Slim Outer Sleeve

Show off your character sleeves with ultra-thin and super-transparent design!


  • Resistant to moisture and easy to shuffle: This sleeve uses OPP material, which is more permeable to moisture than the conventional PP material, making it a sleeve that is less likely to stick even if left for a long time. Moreover, it is also easy to do the side-shuffle that is often used in tournament scenes. You will enjoy an easy and smooth shuffling experience with this sleeve.
  • Ultra-thin design that does not make the deck bulky: The thickness of the sleeve is only 0.05mm, which is much thinner than the conventional sleeves. It does not become too thick and fits in your hand, making it very easy to handle.
  • Perfect fit for illustration sleeves: This sleeve is designed to fit perfectly with the general illustration sleeves. The width is 68.5mm, which allows the sleeve to enter without any difficulty, and the size is just right. The height is also 94mm, so there is no problem of the inner sleeve sticking out.
  • Clear visibility of the character sleeves: The thinness also contributes to the high transparency of this sleeve. You can see the card illustrations and character sleeves beautifully.

Product details

  • Size: 68.5×94mm (Standard size)
  • Number of sheets: 80
  • Double-sided clear type
  • Material: OPP