TOYGER WEBCAM STAND for TCG PLAYERS (web camera support, holder, PC desktop, for remote TCG matches)

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TOYGER Web Camera Stand is designed by and for TCG players.


With the recent boom of remote TCG matches, TOYGER sells REMOTZ (click here for the REMOTZ product page), a gadget that allows you to remote-battle with a single smartphone.

However, some people have voiced they want to use a PC and a webcam for remote matches.

Therefore, we have developed webcams and a webcam stand specialized for remote TCG battle.

(Click here for the webcam product page)


The camera position can be adjusted easily and precisely with one hand.

Since little force is required to move the arm, you can move it out of the way when not in use, and then re-set it when you resume playing.

Since the webcam can be attached with screws, there is no need to adjust the camera direction every time you set it up.

The webcam is firmly positioned right above the playmat so that it can capture a clear image of your cards, and the stand is designed so that it does not get in your way to view the monitor, making it very comfortable to play remote.

Product Details

Material: Metal, ABS
Folding length of bracket: 40 cm
Clamp arm extension angle: 180°.
Base rotation angle: 360°.
Screw size: 1/4 screw
Supporting force: 1.5 kg