TOYGER Switch Stand for Bed [perfect for playing Nintendo Switch in bed] + Joy-con USB charger cable [Y-shaped, playable while charging]

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Play Nintendo Switch in bed. The Nintendo Switch Stand for Comfort Gaming - “TOYGER Switch Stand for Bed”

Experience gaming in the most comfortable position possible. Our “TOYGER Switch Stand for Bed” provides the perfect environment for playing games in your laid back, relaxed positions.

Effortless Gaming in Bed Simply attach the “TOYGER Switch Stand for Bed” to the headboard of your bed to enjoy gaming without having to sit up. No more propping up on elbows or worrying about your controller’s battery life. Play in the same relaxed position as you would while laid back.

Versatile Table Use The stand can also be used on a table. With adjustable height and angle, you can tailor your gaming setup to fit your environment perfectly. Whether clamping it vertically (like on a bed headboard) or horizontally (like on a table), the choice is yours.



Dedicated USB Charging Cable Our specialized USB charging cable allows you to charge each Joy-Con separately, even when they are detached. This means you can play for hours without concern for battery life.

Not just for gaming devices, our stand can also hold other devices and smartphones around 1.5cm thick and 10cm long.

Product Overview 


  1. Arm Stand
  2. Ball Head
  3. Y-shaped USB Charging Cable * AC adapter is not included.
  4. Holder
  5. Stand Base 


  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Rubber