TOYGER Pockase [Pocket sized card case, perfect for storing up to 15 cards]

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The perfect card case for storing up to 15 cards

* new colors (Navy Blue, Brown and Green) are available now!

Do you have these problems?

  • You don’t know where to put the cards you bought, so you just stuff them in your wallet or somewhere else.
  • You hate carrying a bulky deck case around.
  • You want to protect your cards from scratches by keeping them in loaders.
  • You need a case for your extra or swap cards.

Say goodbye to these troubles with the Pockase!

It’s a pocket-sized case that is slim and easy to carry.


It opens from both sides, so you can quickly grab your cards by pinching them.

It fits cards of different sizes, whether they are without sleeves, with single or double sleeves, or with loaders.




Product Details

  • Storage capacity
    • No sleeves: 35 cards
    • Single sleeves: 20 cards
    • Double sleeves: 15 cards
    • Loaders: 5 cards
    • The number of cards is an estimate
  • Size
    • Outer diameter: 85×115×20mm
    • Inner diameter: 82×106×12mm
  • Material
    • Synthetic leather