TOYGER KING's Outer Sleeve (clear card protector)

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TOYGER's outer sleeves are now available! Protect your character sleeves.

It combines a high level of transparency that does not interfere with the view of illustrations and the good feel of shuffling.

The disadvantage of outer sleeves was that they can be thick and become difficult to handle due to the air that enters the sleeve. This sleeve solves that problem.

With the thickness and size we have pursued, we have solved the problems of outer sleeves that card players have given up on.


Shuffle Experience

KING's Outer Sleeve is one of the easiest sleeves to shuffle.

The surface is made of a clear, smooth film that allows the cards to show up beautifully.

The back of the sleeve is made of a transparent film with an embossed finish.

This not only protects the sleeve, but also enhances the shuffle feeling.

High transparency that does not interfere with illustrations

KING's Outer Sleeve also focuses on high transparency.

The surface is covered with a clear film. with high transparency so that the illustration can be seen as much as possible. The back of the film is embossed to facilitate shuffling, as mentioned above.

[NEW] Matte version is now available! Try the smooth matte touch on the backside of the sleeve. Extra high transparency for illustrated sleeves.

Pursuing the optimum thickness for card play

When wearing an outer sleeve, cards can be difficult to handle

I think all card players have experienced this at least once. Conventional oversleeves are unnecessarily thick and They often do not fit well in the hand because of the tendency for air to get inside. We therefore developed a new oversleeve that is as thin as possible, while still maintaining a hardness that prevents the corners from breaking off.

We continued to search for a thickness that would be as thin as possible and fit comfortably in the hand while maintaining a hardness that would prevent the corners from breaking.

After many subtle adjustments, we finally arrived at the "KING's Outer Sleeve".

Size that completely covers the illustration sleeve

KING's Outer Sleeve" is It is designed in a size that can firmly cover a general illustration/character sleeve (66 x 92 mm) (67 x 92 mm). This allows the The width of the width of the width is the width that fits snugly, and The width of the vertical side has a margin of about 1mm.

This ensures that the illustration sleeve inside does not stick out.

Product Details

Size :
69 x 94mm (M size)
65 x 92mm (S size)

Number of sheets : 80

Backside processing type:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does "0.2 mm thickness" mean 0.2 mm on one side or 0.2 mm on both sides?
A.The total thickness of both sides is 0.2mm (0.09mm on one side).

Q. Can official Pokémon card sleeves fit in without any problem?
A. The M size fits perfectly.