TOYGER Full Cover Inner Sleeve [protect your card 360°]

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Inner Sleeve for 360° All Directions Protection


These days, when it comes to collecting cards and playing card games, a single card often costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

However, conventional sleeves are lacking in terms of card protection.

Most sleeves in existence today leave one side of the sleeve open to allow the card to be inserted.

This is not enough to protect the card from scratches, dust, and moisture, which are the card's natural enemies.

With this Full Cover Inner Sleeve, the card is placed in the pocket the sleeve, and then the excess upper part (lid) is to be folded and inserted, in order to protect the the card from all directions.  (See image below).

The size is standard inner size. It can of course be fit in other sleeves, such as official sleeves.

Product Description

Height 90mm*Width 64mm
Compatible with standard size cards

Contents: 100 sleeves / pack