TOYGER DeckSlimmer Security [Protect your valuable cards from getting lost or stolen]

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Protect your valuable decks from getting lost or stolen.

Discreetly place AirTag in your DeckSlimmer.


Air Tag is a lost-and-found tag developed by Apple.

Reference: Apple's official website (


By connecting to an iPhone or Android, it can detect where it is and play a sound when it gets far from the device.


Quote from Apple official website (


Quote from Apple's official website (


By placing an AirTag inside, your DeckSlimmer can be located in case it gets lost or stolen.


If you are concerned about the theft or loss of your decks in game stores or other places where numerous people come and go, this product will allow you to search for the location in case it gets lost or stolen.

In addition, you can't see the AirTag from outside, so there is little possibility of it intentionally removed by a third party.


DeckSlimmer and AirTag are not included in this product.

Product includes:

- 1 dedicated AirTag cover
- 1 side pocket for DeckSlimmer Security