TOYGER Deck Separator (a separator that divides cards by deck) 2 pieces

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Introducing the “Deck Separator”: the ultimate solution for your card storage needs

Are you tired of these common hassles?

“It’s hard to take out the deck from the box…” “The cards in the storage fall over and cause stress…”

The Deck Separator is designed to eliminate these issues and make your card gaming experience more enjoyable!

Using the Deck Separator is a breeze!

Simply place the Deck Separator inside the storage, and divide the cards by deck as you wish.

You will love how neat and tidy your storage box looks, and how easy it is to access your cards.

You can grab any deck you want in seconds, thanks to the clear separation. No more leftover cards or messy piles of cards!

It works both vertical and horizontal, so it suits any storage type. *Please ensure the size matches your storage before using.

Product Overview


2 pieces

Number of cards that fit

Single sleeve: 60~80 cards

Double sleeve: 50~60 cards

Triple sleeve: 40 cards

*The number of cards is an estimate. *We have listed the number of cards that fit without being too loose.


Inner dimensions: Height 96mm x Width 45mm x Depth 70mm

Outer dimensions: Height 98mm x Width 49mm x Depth 72mm


Plastic (PP)