TOYGER Damage Dice (Damage Counter Dice) for Pokemon Trading Card Game TCG (Wooden Natural)

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To ALL Pokemon Trading Card Game Players, we present to you...

The best-selling damage counter dice in Japan!


You can indicate numbers from 10 to 300 with a single die to avoid confusion. No more damage counters cluttered all over your cards!



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TOYGER Damage Dice



One box includes:


-16 wooden dice:
6 of 10-60
4 of 70-120
3 of 130-180
2 of 190-240
1 of 250-300

-1 pouch
*10 different colors, just like the Pokémon types (white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, brown, grey, pink)
*You'll get one pouch in a random color in each box

*size (of a single dice): 13 mm (0.51 inch) approx. 

*weight (of a single dice): 1.5 g (0.05oz) 



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