TOYGER Coin Flip Dice (dice for coin toss) for All TCG Players

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Coin-toss is necessary to play TCG, however, some of us are too clumsy to do it.

We made this dice just for that problem. You can toss a dice instead of a coin.

This dice has three faces with colored symbols, and the other three with black symbols.

Package includes 4 dice, so you can "coin-toss" for 4 times in an instant!

Every face has the exactly same symbol printed on it, so the possibility is precisely fifty-fifty.

(Some similar products from other makers have different symbols printed such as "heads" and "tails"; that creates a slight unevenness in the term of weight balance, causing the result to not be exactly fifty-fifty.)


Package contains: 4 dice (4 colors)

Materials: Wooden

Size: 13mm (approx.)