TOYGER Card Album [9-pocket type or 4-pocket type] compatible for cards in loaders, 4 colors available

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TOYGER Card Album

A stylish way to store and view your cards.

Choose from two types of card albums: a 9-pocket type for regular cards and a 4-pocket type for cards in loaders.


  • Protect your cards from scratches and moisture with a synthetic leather cover and a zipper closure.

  • Enjoy it without worrying about scratches with the 4-pocket version which lets you store cards in loadersThis version is perfect for those who love their cards and want to keep them in mint condition.
  • The album is made of high-quality synthetic leather that looks and feels great. Pick the color that matches your taste and your room from a variety of colors, including the cute pastel one.

Product details

Type Sheets Cards Size
9-pocket 20 360 35.5cm × 26.5cm ×4.5cm
4-pocket 13 112 28.5cm × 23.5cm ×4.5cm

Material: Synthetic leather PP