Spread Playmat - Your Compact and Foldable Solution

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Meet the Spread Playmat, designed to tackle the common issue of bulky playmat storage for card game enthusiasts. Unlike traditional playmats that need to be rolled up, taking up extra space, the Spread Playmat can be conveniently folded, saving you valuable room.

The Spread Playmat, when folded, is as compact as an A4 sheet with dimensions of 300×200mm. Despite its compact size, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. It offers the same cushioning as a regular rubber playmat, ensuring an excellent gaming experience.

A shallow groove appears when the mat is folded, but don’t worry - the material is smooth, ensuring your cards won’t snag.



Product Specifications

  • Size:
    • Open: 300×200mm×4.5mm
    • Folded: 300×200mm×15mm
  • Material: Faux Leather (Polyester)

Experience the comfort of a regular playmat with the convenience of compact storage with the Spread Playmat.