SORTRAY: The Foldable Sorting Tray for Cards

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SORTRAY: The Foldable Sorting Tray for Cards

Do you love collecting and sorting cards, but hate the hassle of storing bulky trays? If so, you need SORTRAY, the foldable sorting tray that can fit in your backpack!

SORTRAY is unlike any other tray you have ever seen. It has a unique design that allows you to fold it in half and store it compactly. You can also keep your cards in the lower half of the tray while it is folded, without worrying about them bending or falling out.

SORTRAY has 20 spacious blocks that can hold up to 60 cards each, depending on the sleeve type. You can easily sort your cards by color, rarity, type, or any other criteria you like. SORTRAY is perfect for card games, trading cards, or any other card collection.


SORTRAY is made of durable paper material that is lightweight and eco-friendly

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your own SORTRAY, the foldable sorting tray for cards. Order now and enjoy the convenience and fun of sorting your cards anytime, anywhere!


Product Overview


Closed: 180×390×82mm

Open: 360×390×41mm


20 blocks

Cards per block

No sleeve: 60 cards

Single sleeve: 50 cards

Double sleeve: 40 cards

*The number of cards is an estimate.