Side-in Deck Case (A simple and easy deck case)

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Are you tired of these problems with your deck case?

  • hard to take out the cards
  • have to stick my fingers in to get them out
  • have to turn it upside down to get the cards out
  • Leather is durable but expensive. Paper is cheap but breaks easily.

If you are, then you will love our Side-in Deck Case. It has a simple design and a clever feature that will make your card game more fun and easy.

Side-in Deck Case

Our deck case has a recessed part in the middle that lets you pinch the cards with your fingers and put them in and out easily. No more struggling with tight or slippery cases! You can enjoy your card game stress-free.

Our deck case is made of light and durable plastic, which is convenient for carrying around. It also protects your cards from scratches and bends. You can choose from nine different colors to suit your style.


Color Variations






Purple  (new!)

Skyblue  (new!)

Yellow  (new!)

Pink  (new!)


Storage Capacity

Single sleeve: 80 cards

Double sleeve: 60 cards

Triple sleeve: 40 cards


Height 75mm x Width 99mm x Depth 53mm