MGN Counter: Versatile and Expandable Dial Life Counter for Any Game

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A versatile dial counter that splits and expands.

Flexible and adaptable

Most counters and dials have fixed shapes that limit how you can use them.

That’s why we created the “MGN Counter” with magnetic joints.

You can easily split and expand the counter to adjust the numbers for any card game or board game.


The magnetic joints let you add more digits to the counter, unlike conventional products.

You can also quickly disassemble the counter by hand and change how you use it depending on the situation.

The counter is compact and easy to store. You can fit it in small containers like “RollTray” or the side pocket of “DeckSlimmer”.



Product details

Product includes:
-2 dial parts
-2 partition parts

Size: 29mm (H) x 20mm (W) x 30mm (D)

Material: Plastic, neodymium magnet