KING SLEEVE (80 sleeves per pack, 9 colors available in Standard and Mini Yu-gi-oh Sizes)

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Product Features


1. Extremely smooth shuffling

When selecting sleeves, many people place the greatest importance on shuffling.

Especially when performing a farrow shuffle (sideways shuffle), sleeves that do not shuffle easily are very stressful.

The KING Sleeve is one of the easiest sleeves to shuffle.


2. High durability

Sleeves are consumable items, but many people are concerned about their durability

"high-temperature cutting method" is used to manufacture KING Sleeves. It is made to be extremely tear-resistant. In addition, we confirmed that the corners of KING Sleeves are not easily broken while using.



3. No transparency on the back side

The KING Sleeve has a double-sided color processing (the side in contact with the back of the card is also processed with black color), so that even when used in a single layer, the back side are not transparent, providing peace of mind.



4. No slippage

One of the points that new sleeves can be a headache is that they are "too slippery." 

The KING sleeve is designed not to collapse when the deck is placed on it, without sacrificing comfortableness. The "Slip Resistance" is ensured.


5. No uneven cutting

In the case of low quality sleeves, uneven cutting is often observed. This is another point that many people suffer from.

KING sleeves do not have such uneven cutting and can be used with peace of mind.



Black (Standard and MIni size)

White (Standard and MIni size)

Yellow (Standard and MIni size)

Light Blue (Standard and MIni size)

Pink (Standard and MIni size)

Red (Standard size only)
Gray (Standard size only)
Green (Standard size only)
Purple (Standardsize only)
Product Spec
Size : 66×91mm (Standard Size)
Size:  62×89mm (Mini Size, suitable for Yu-gi-oh!)

80 sleeves per pack

Back Side Texture : Matt type