Aluminum Inner Sleeves [Side-loading 100 pieces]

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Aluminum Inner Sleeves

Do you want to use any color of sleeves for your cards without worrying about the card backs showing through? Then you need these “Aluminum Inner Sleeves” with an aluminum back, which solve a common problem for card gamers.

No more card backs showing through

When you use transparent sleeves, or thin-colored matte sleeves or character sleeves for your cards, you might notice that the card backs are slightly visible through the sleeves, which might prevent you from using them in tournaments.

But with these “Aluminum Inner Sleeves”, You can hide the card backs completely, and enjoy any color of sleeves you like.

The advantage of aluminum Aluminum sleeves are super thin compared to OPP sleeves, and they don’t make your cards bulky when you use them with matte sleeves. These aluminum inner sleeves are also side-loading type, which means you can easily get rid of the air trapped inside the sleeves when you use them.

Product details

Size: 64×89mm

Number of pieces: 100 pieces