REMOTZ: play TCG online with your smartphone! (Standard Edition) (Int. Patent Pending)

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REMOTZ... Our newest innovation!

With REMOTZ, you'll need only your smartphone and nothing else to play TCG online.



Having issues when remote duelling?

Before...we needed to set up all those things for a remote match.

  • a webcam to broadcast your own field (playmat and cards)
  • a display to see your opponent's field
  • a device and an app to video-chat
  • a mount to fix and hold all the devices said above

If you're using your smartphone as a webcam, you'll need to keep it horizontal with its display facing upwards (so its camera downwards) to show your own field, which makes it extremely difficult to broadcast and see your opponent's field at the same time.

That's why we had to prepare:

  • a PC and a webcam
  • a smartphone and a separate monitor

and setup and adjust everything every single time.

It was quite troublesome, and took time, so remote-duelling was not for everyone.


Let's see some instances of the "old" setups.

Those pictures were sent by our customers. Face the reality!

Example 1: a huge metal mount and a webcam barely attached to it.

(They were using a separate monitor to display the opponent's field which it's not in the picture.)

Example 2: a smartphone mount attached to the desk. The smartphone is used to broadcast their own field, while the PC monitor it used to see the opponent's.

(The setup is taking up too much space and the mount is pressing the playmat.)

As you can see, remote duelling used to be so inefficient and required loads of work and time.


What's REMOTZ?

We created REMOTZ to change everything about remote TCG gameplay.

We didn't want it to be stressful. We didn't want to use multiple devices to play online.

With REMOTZ, you can remote duel with your smartphone only and you can prepare everything in an instant!

What's in the REMOTZ package?

You'll find only two things inside the box: a smartphone stand, and a magical clip.

Now, let's take a look at them.

REMOTZ stand

With REMOTZ stand, setting up your smartphone is easier than ever.

You don't need to fix the stand to the desk. With its stable L-shaped base, you can just place it on any surface.

It fits to an angle of your playmat, so it takes up only a little place.

The holder arm is movable and is not too hard, not too soft, completely stress-free for you to adjust.

Smartphone holder part is very practical to use, too! 

REMOTZ stand can be dismounted easily.

REMOTZ doesn't take time or space to be put away when you don't use. Assembly is easy as well.

Do you want to play using your tablet? No problem. We have an optional tablet holder sold separately for you. You can get it from this link (please use it with this standard edition).

With the tablet holder, you can attach tablets from size 12cm to 18cm.


REMOTZ magic clip

What makes REMOTZ really special is this magic clip!

This is how the clip looks like (the design may differ slightly from the prototype but it works all the same);

Basically, this clip has a special type of lens inside which bends the light direction so when you attach it on your smartphone lens, it averts the direction the camera shooting.

You can set up the phone with its screen facing toward you, while the camera shooting below.

You just need to pinch the smartphone with this clip. Easy.



How can I make a video-call?

You'll need a video calling app to play TCG online. REMOTZ is a completely analog device, so it's compatible with any kind of app.

Discord, Skype, Zoom... you can continue using whatever app you're familiar with.


I don't know anyone to play online with...

Don't worry. TOYGER is currently creating an online platform where you can find your match

All you need will be your smartphone and a REMOTZ to find an opponent and play TCG online. The instant matching platform will be ready soon, so get a REMOTZ now to be prepared!

You won't regret!



We've invested a lot of time and resource to create a perfection. If we think about the initial cost, the ideal price will be around $90.

However, we believe that it's our duty to give an opportunity for everyone to play TCG online.

We believe that it'll benefit the whole TCG industry, and ourselves.

That's why we kept the price low. Everyone can get one; it costs just about a box or cards. Seize your opportunity!


REMOTZ stand

Base length: 37cm

Holder arm length: 70cm

Max. weight capacity: 600g (the arm might bend slightly if the smartphone weighs more than 600g)

Max. holder width: 10cm (you can attach any smartphone 10cm wide or less)


Compatible smartphones: any smartphone or tablet which has the camera lens positioned within 2.7cm from the edge.

* Almost all smartphones are compatible, excluding few models with camera lens positioned in the center area of the device.


Important Precautions

- With few types of smartphones you might slightly see the edge of the clip itself.

- REMOTZ uses a special type of lens. That might cause so-called mirage display, it happens rarely, depending on how the light is reflecting. It can be slightly visible to almost non-visible, depending on the camera setting, clip attachment, angle, lighting or the color of cards or playmats. It shouldn't be a problem for gameplay, but please understand this as the limit of the current technology.

A example of mirage;


User's manual (English version)



Q. Is REMOTZ an electronic device?

A. No, it isn't. It's a completely mechanical device which bends the directions of light inside.

Q. Is my phone compatible?

A. It's not an electronic device, so any model is compatible as long as it has the camera lens within 2.7cm from its edge. In case of doubt, please check your smartphone and make sure that the lens is within the range of 2.7cm.

Q. Won't the arm bend itself with my phone attached?

A. Physically speaking, we can't prevent it 100%, but the arm material is pretty hard so it shouldn't be a problem.

Q. Do you think my screen is too small for online gameplay?

A. You can play TCG online with out problem with relatively small screens. Of course, if it's bigger, it's easier!

Q. My smartphone cover is very thick. Will this be a problem?

A. If the cover is too thick, the clip cannot get close enough to the lens. If that happens, we recommend to take off the cover before playing it.


Reviews from our Japanese customers 

Here're some of the reviews we've received on Twitter (and the translation for international readers), Thank you everyone for your reviews!

Translation: I bought TOYGER's REMOTZ... it made extra easy for me to broadcast "box opening" videos on Youtube

Translation: Late to the party, but I got REMOTZ too and here's my video. It's difficult to concentrate while I'm duelling so I just upload this review. It's reasonable to obtain so I can reccomend.

Translation: Look at my IDEAL duel space, thanks to TOYGER's REMOTZ!


Translation: So this is how it looks like when you're recording using REMOTZ. Very useful for Youtubers!

Translation: I've just received REMOTZ and set it up! It's very comapct. Before I had to adjust the angle of my smartphone often but with REMOTZ I don't need to, so it's stressless! I'm remote duelling now.

Translation: My setup for TOYGER's REMOTZ... Simple to use and so easy to prepare! My desk isn't a mess anymore. I got the tablet option too.

Translation: I got REMOTZ! Look at my wonderful duelling space, right in front of my Yugioh figures collection!

 Translation: Tried REMOTZ. It displays clearer than expected. Beyond my expectation!