Plain Playmat [5 colors available]

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How about a simple, plain playmat?

Playmats have become a necessity for card gamers.

While there are many playmats with patterns, the simple, plain design has its own advantages.

It can be used as it is, of course, or can also be used to write something on it. Messages from friends, autographs of celebrities, etc.
You can enjoy the playmat in many different ways because of its plain design.


We also pay attention to quality.

Because it is a simple one-color product, its color is very important.

The surface is made of high quality polyester with bright colors and a slight sheen.
The back side is made of non-slip rubber.

The colors used for the logo are similar to the colors used for each color in the production process, making the colors stand out even more.

The mat is soft and very smooth, so there is no risk of the corners of the cards or sleeves getting caught.

It is the perfect playmat for card games, so please give it a try.

Product Details:

Size: 30 cm (length) X 60 cm (width)

Can be stored in a standard playmat case or in a playmat pouch

TOYGER playmat pouches are available here:

Available in 5 colors

Light blue

Light green