TOYGER Fluffy Playmat (carpet-textured playmat for TCG)

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New design "Animal" series are available!

It feels AND looks like fluffy cats!




Product features


1. Pleasant to touch, like a high-grade carpet.


You'll be totally charmed by its velvety, fluffy texture. It makes your TCG experience a whole lot better.

2. More comfortable to play.
Compared to normal rubber playmats, it's a lot easier to handle cards on Fluffy Playmat. You can pick them up more easily. The edges of the sleeves won't get caught on the surface. The cards won't slip around. Less possibility of damaging your cards.
3. Portable.
You can easily fold your Fluffy Playmat and fit it in your bag (folded size is A4).
4. Washable.
You can hand-wash Fluffy Playmat whenever you want. It's very hygienic!
5.  No rubber smell.
The usual rubber playmats sometimes have their distinctive smell of rubber which rubs off onto your hands and other things. Fluffy Playmat doesn't have such smell.
The underside of Fluffy Playmat has special anti-slip processing.
Product Spec
Size: 30.5cm x 59cm
Material: Light-weight and flexible Mayer fabric. Polyester 100%.
Maintenance: possible to hand-wash and shade dry.
Color Variation
-Season Winter (coming next)
SNS Reviews
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